Outdoor Heaters: Elevating Your Outdoor Home Living Space!

Outdoor Heaters: Elevating Your Outdoor Home Living Space!

As the seasons change and cooler temperatures set in, it's time to transform your outdoor space into a cozy sanctuary. You should be able to enjoy your patio at any time of the year, all while remaining warm and toasty while adding a bit of flair to your home! The perfect way to transform your outdoor home living would be by adding an outdoor heater.

Outdoor patio heaters are more than just functional; they're a game-changer for extending your outdoor living season. They allow you to enjoy your autumn evenings and cool spring nights in comfort– relax in the beauty of your outdoor decor without having to worry about catching a chill.

We offer quite the range of outdoor heaters that not only provide warmth, but also complement your home's aesthetic. From sleek modern designs to classic models, we have the perfect heater to enhance the overall look of your patio.

Flame Tower Heaters

Tower heaters present a compelling choice for enhancing your outdoor space– their vertical design not only provides efficient warmth but also serves as a stylish focal point, seamlessly integrating with various decor styles. Tower heaters are also space-conscious, making them ideal for smaller areas where floor space might be limited.

Our flame tower heaters boast a modern look with a central quartz glass column, allowing the exposed flame to create a cozy ambience. Our Paragon Outdoor heaters are made with durable stainless steel, and built to last while able to withstand extreme outdoor climates. The Paragon Outdoor Helios Round Flame Tower Heater even comes with a wireless remote control. Paired with electronic ignition and its safety tilt mechanism, this heater is functional and safe and an optimal choice!

Standing/Portable Heaters

For more simplistic and easily portable designs, standing portable heaters are there to get the job done while maintaining a clean and straightforward aesthetic. The easily portable heaters allow more freedom in your decor arrangement, able to adapt to any placement at any time you wish! These heaters are unobtrusive, and blend seamlessly into various outdoor settings.

You can choose from propane heaters, like our Homeroots Silver Steel Propane Cylindrical Pole Standing Patio Heater which is fueled by an easy-to-hook-up propane tank while also boasting an automatic safety shutoff feature (not to mention easily portable and quick to heat up), or you can even choose from electric heaters like our Paragon Outdoor Sol Standing Electric Heater, which displays a design of an elegant floor lamp while delivering the ultimate performance of a versatile electric heater with touch-to-start technology and infrared remote control.

Pendant Heaters

Pendant Heaters can be suspended anywhere in your outdoor space, allowing you to choose not only how to decorate, but also how to regulate the temperatures where you wish. Pendant heaters allow for more fluidity in where you’d like to regulate heat– whether that be suspended over an outdoor dining table or within a gazebo!

For example, our Paragon Outdoor Electric Sol Pendant Heater combines the design of an elegant pendant lamp with the performance of a powerful electric heater. It’s chic yet simplistic design allows it to adapt to any environment or aesthetic, all while featuring 1500 watts and three distinct heat settings.

If you’re searching for an even wider selection of heaters for the best pricing without sacrificing quality, you can also browse Decor Home Center, and look through the Homeroots Outdoor Heater collection in which contains pole standing heaters, pyramid standing heaters, and even an array of tabletop heaters!

Whether it's the sleek design of tower heaters, the versatile simplicity of standing heaters, or the targeted warmth of pendant heaters, our selections ensure your outdoor haven becomes a year-round retreat. With these heaters, your patio or deck isn't just an extension of your home; it's a stylish sanctuary where you can relax, entertain, and savor the outdoors no matter the season.

Nov 16th 2023 Anoushka Eden

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