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Men's Fragrances

Men's Fragrances

Finding a good toilette spray can take time and effort. At Home Plus Deals, we know men need to smell their best for any occasion, whether going out for the night, spending time with friends, or impressing a romantic partner. Whatever your reason, our line of men’s fragrances can satisfy every desire, from business to pleasure, at a price you cannot beat.

Missoni Wave

Our Missoni Wave by Missoni launched in 2020 and unleashed a wave of aromas desired by thousands. The mysterious, intoxicating, masculine allure is light and seductive, unfurling sea notes, mandarin, and other citruses when it connects with skin or clothes. It is a one-of-a-kind toilette spray that will entice any aroma lover.

At the Barbers Replica

Our At the Barbers Replica by Maison Margiela is a toilette spray that combines the old-school barbershop aroma with notes of bitter orange, black pepper, and basil for a fresh and spicy introduction. Calming lavender and rosemary help soothe the intoxicating burn of this toilette spray, making it a must-have scent for the rugged go-getter and man of yesteryear.

Jack Hope

Our Swift Unlimited Green by Jack Hope inspires warm winters and cool, sweetened autumns. The opening layer spices the senses with pepper and cardamom before the earthly sage comes out. It’s balanced by fruity pineapple notes that release an intoxicating aroma to brighten any conversation or room. You should find that this is an intoxicating and masculine choice for the intrepid hopeful.