Patio Heaters & Covers

Patio Heaters & Covers

The more heat you have around your patio, the longer you can enjoy the outdoors. Spring and summer are gorgeous times to look at the stars and watch the sky, but even in summer, a chill can creep in. Umbrella Heaters, Hanging Heaters, and a Sunpak Heater can help you enjoy the outdoors even during the winter by providing unmatched heating and comfort at a price that cannot be beaten anywhere else.

When Do You Need a Patio Heater?

When is a patio heater useful? All year round! Patio heaters are gorgeous, delightful, comforting additions to any home. Especially during winter, patio heaters can allow anyone to enjoy the outdoors without having to bundle up in several different layers. Depending on your location, you may even want to run your patio heater in the summer.

But what kind of heaters are there? We have several unique, perfected styles at an affordable price that cannot be beaten.

Umbrella Heaters

Umbrella Heaters are perfect for enjoying a holiday or nightly meal outdoors. They stand tall and can be placed strategically near the entrance to the house or a nearby table. They can provide 50,000 BTU every hour and have a 100% safety shutoff.

Hanging Heaters

Hanging Heaters are the perfect size to stay out of sight while providing unmatched comfort. Utilizing an electronic ignition, our Hanging Heaters monitor the heat through flame rectification.

Something Unique?

Our Sunpak Heater uses unique infrared rays that simulate the sun’s warmth. It is perfect for keeping the heat up during a fantastic winter night and can be the centerpiece of any patio or lounge area outside your home.