With a snowstorm in tow, winter's first cold has blown into your state. You have likely pursued the task of gathering wood and other kindling to keep your fireplace plenty satisfied and able to sustain the coming winter. Many memories have been made around your open fireplace as your chimney smokes excess gas into the blanket of white snow. A testament that the inhabitants of your abode are warm and likely gathered around the hearth, sipping egg nogs or hot chocolates topped with creamy marshmallows.

But what if your home doesn't have a traditional wood or coal-burning fireplace? Perhaps some bedrooms don't warm as much as the sitting room where the fireplace is directly located. Electric fireplace cabinets are the next best option in these circumstances. They are incredibly functional in homes where fireplaces are not generally standard. 

Fireplace cabinets also hedge against drafty houses that become less insulated as they age, holding cold air like a tight fist. Fireplace cabinets also offer an attractive aesthetically-pleasing, functional piece of decor with an added storage drawer. Consider the traditional style fireplaces like the Eirene Black Cabinet Fireplace. Its inspired Queen Anne legs reimagine a small cottage recessed under a canopy of oak trees, warm with candle stick lightening and freshly baked biscuits cooling under cheesecloth. Only this one is powered by a touch remote control and is LED. 

An ACME fireplace is unlike any other. The mid-century modern fireplace as the Picardy Antique Pearl Fireplace will turn your bedroom into a palace, especially alongside the matching Picardy complete bed set. Ornate carvings and gold finishings beset a warming fireplace with adjustable brightness and speed with or without heat function. Shop our low-priced, high-quality fireplaces here.