Home Theater Seating

Home Theater Seating

The vintage popcorn maker is heating up, and freshly oiled kernels pop frantically, bursting forth, ready to be devoured, cinematic scene by cinematic scene. The projector is fired up alongside subwoofers blasting surround sound. The lights are dimmed low, marked to display a riveting action film. What's missing? Only the best home theater seating. Beanbag chairs and uncomfortable sofas have to go. The answer? ACME home theater seating. You'll never attend another matinee again. Your home theater is the matinee.

It's also the setting for a perfect man cave for the next pro basketball game or fantasy football league. ACME home theater seating Britten style comes in chocolaty espresso faux leather with proper cup holders and curved reclined seating. Chilled craft soda pop, popcorn, chips, and dip must accommodate the best home theater seating. 

The best home theater seating should be so luxurious that you forget you're even home. The neighbors will treat your front door like the box office in no time (side hustle, anyone?). Upgrade your theater seating recliners quickly with undercarriage RGB lighting. Apply color-changing strip lights to the metal structures underneath the seating in a stealth position, and you've got a cost-saving movie theater experience. Each Britten recliner has a tufted backrest for your ultimate comfort. 

Best Home Theater Seating

We offer some of the industry's lowest prices, with a 30-day limited parts warranty for all recliners. Shop the best in-home theater seating here and other furniture.