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Hydrotherapy Bathing: Whirlpool Tubs and Air Massage Baths Benefits

Hydrotherapy Bathing: Whirlpool Tubs and Air Massage Baths Benefits

Either as a way to start off the day with a refreshing vibe, or conclude the evening with a relaxing soak, a bath is the perfect way to indulge in self-care— which means that the tub you use should be treated as no less than the crown jewel of the bathroom!

To truly elevate your bathroom and enhance your experience, we recommend looking at whirlpool tubs, air massage baths, or even combination tubs which include both systems.

The systems implemented in both these types of tubs are considered superb forms of hydrotherapy— the usage of these baths help relieve discomfort and promote physical well being. These systems lessen stress and pressure on the joints, alleviating pain and even improving bodily conditions related to muscles, bones, and joints.

Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs recirculate the water within the bath, compressing water into the whirlpool pump’s chamber and then pushing it out through the jets along with air, hence creating the massaging whirlpool effect in the water.

Whirlpool tubs were specifically invented to ease arthritis pain by stimulating joints and massaging the muscles, but those aren’t this tub’s only benefits; whirlpool tubs allow the body to naturally release endorphins due to the jet pressure, help to reduce cortisol levels, improve blood flow and circulation, and even help to release toxins in the body by opening up your pores.

Air Massage Baths

Air massage baths release currents of pre-warmed air up from the base of the tub and into the bath. This system gently lifts your body within the water to provide a massaging effect. This bath system is considered complementary to the whirlpool tub’s system, as both tubs work together to enhance an already therapeutic experience.

Air massage baths provide similar benefits to the whirlpool tub— it allows the body to naturally release endorphins, release toxins in the body by opening up your pores, and improve blood flow and circulation. Air massage baths also activate the lymphatic system, due to the hydromassage function of the jets within the air bath.

We offer a large selection of whirlpool tubs and air massage baths from brands like EAGO, Atlantis, and Malibu Home, with tubs that contain adjustable jet systems, the ultimate hygienic drainage systems, and a multitude of designs for any location within your bathroom. Browse our wide selection of whirlpool tubs here, and air massage baths here!

And to even further enhance your tub, consider implementing an inline heater. Inline heaters maintain the warm temperature of your water rather than directly heating it up, keeping it at your desired temperature without allowing it to cool down until you’re ready. You may even consider implementing a lighting system, which will pair with the hydrotherapy effects of the tubs due to the chromotherapy that lighting provides! Chromotherapy sauna and shower lights immerse your bathing environment in colors to stimulate your brain and your senses– the different colored settings have been shown to scientifically activate the corresponding parts of your brain, be it to release stress and soothe the mind, or revitalize your energy. Both of these add-ons can be found right here in our store! 

Oct 23rd 2023 Anoushka Eden

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