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Bath Sink / Lavatory Faucets | Home Plus Deals

Lavatory and bathroom sink faucets are one of the easiest ways to update the bathroom. These fixtures receive a significant amount of daily use between cleaning hands, brushing teeth, etc. Choose reliable bathroom sink faucets from Home Plus Deals while fitting your unique style and budget.

Home Plus Deals provides a wide variety of quality selections that can best suit any budget without the need to sacrifice quality or style. Do you know if you need a 3-hole bathroom faucet setup? Does a tub only have accommodations for a 1-hole faucet and do you need to know about your design options? Our team is here to help if you need some guidance in making the ideal fixture selection for your needs.

Deck Mount Tub Faucets

Deck mount tub faucets mount to the flat upper rim surface of the bathtub. A 2-hole faucet system installation requires 2 faucet holes that may vary between tubs. Consumers should measure the distance from center to center of the two holes to ensure this faucet selection fits properly.

Deck mount faucet systems (also known as “Roman Faucets”) are a timeless addition to any home and a great choice for most bathrooms. With a wide range of finishes and styles, a deck mount faucet from Home Plus Deals can offer flexibility and affordability to help complete any design.

Freestanding Floor Mount Faucets

Freestanding floor mount faucets enable design flexibility due to their plumbing up through the floor as opposed to through the wall like traditional setups. This type of faucet serves as an assertive design point that can pair with traditional and modern styles for an elegant, functional design flair ideal for any bathroom.

Wall Mount Tub Faucets

As their name implies, wall mount tub faucets mount to the wall, appearing as if they float above the tub. This is the most popular choice for healthcare facilities, schools, and commercial applications.

Wall-mounted faucets offer extra counter space, providing additional room for soaps, containers, etc. It is the tried and true, classic, clean-looking design that can offer homeowners a sleek, classic look.

Waterfall Spouts and Deck-Mounts

Waterfall spouts simulate the natural motion and flow of falling water. These fixtures have flatter, wider spouts that enable soothing, cascading waters for a visually satisfying and elegant effect.

Deck-mounted waterfall spouts offer homeowners an undeniable visual appeal with a minimalistic design and sleek, clean form. Sophisticated waterfall faucets can easily upgrade a bathroom to a contemporary design and upgrade its curb appeal.

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Apr 25th 2023

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