9 Factors that Greatly Influence the cost of Remodeling your Kitchen

9 Factors that Greatly Influence the cost of Remodeling your Kitchen

Are you looking for ways to recreate practicality and convenience in your kitchen, bath or other room in your house?

Often, you will need to remodel your space. And what is the best way to go about it? Consulting the professionals. At Home Plus Deals, we have what it takes to see your dreams come true. We have been in the home building industry for more than 3 decades, overseeing all types of projects ranging from home furnishings to installation of kitchen and bath fixtures.

Look no further for your consultative needs even in the high-end construction industry. We are a steadfast team that take control of every opportunity to ensure that our clients are as convenient and comfortable as possible.

We thought to give our readers an insight into what goes into a regular kitchen remodeling project. Before embarking on one, it is crucial to come up with a plan and budget that can cover it adequately.

So, what are the factors that have the greatest impact on cost in a kitchen remodeling project?

  • 1.The style and layout that you desire

You are the decision maker in this aspect. You may choose to have a basic or high-end establishment, or anything in between.

A basic kitchen has all the equipment that you need but is not as grand as a top-of-the-line setup. Say, you do not fancy cooking at home, you may decide to set up a small kitchen.

If you want to start entertaining a decent number of guests in your house, you need to think about getting a large kitchen. The more the space, the better for you and all your guests.

  • 2.To what extent is the kitchen going to be reconfigured?

The cost impact of this decision is large.

If the configuration and size will not be altered

If you plan to leave the floor plan as it is, make do with the same lighting, counters, plumbing and appliances, very little work needs to be done. This will not affect the cost greatly. Home Plus Deals and other industry leaders like to refer to this type of project as ‘pull and set.’

You want to alter the configuration, but not the structural elements or size

In this case, structural elements include windows, location of walls and doors. The configuration will be changed by intruding into walls to install new gas, water, electrical and waste lines.

New drywall must be applied to the walls before fixtures and appliances are reinstalled. In a nutshell, this will cost you more money.

Changing structural elements and configuration

This type of project is associated with the most kitchen remodeling cost. It is comparable to constructing a kitchen extension.


As much as a total reconfiguration and restructuring is expensive, you may need to take on the project if your kitchen was initially configured poorly. The changes implemented are totally worth it. Besides improving practicality and functionality, they will play a significant role when you decide to put up your house for sale.

  • 3.The flooring

Apart from influencing the visual appeal and functionality of your kitchen, the flooring material will also determine the price tag.

Generally, hardwood, natural stone and designer floors cost a tidy sum compared to faux stone, engineered wood, basic tile and laminate floors.

The cost of remodeling the floor is quite high, but you will notice a significant difference if you choose either extremes.

  • 4.Cabinets

The cost impact of kitchen cabinets is relatively high. The final price depends on the quantity and quality of materials that you decide to work with.

Cabinets are generally placed into three classifications.

At the somewhat lower end, are stock cabinets. The next class is semi-custom, followed by custom. Low end cabinets are likely to have unfinished surfaces, particleboard, film laminate finishes and low-quality joinery.

The high end has quality, solid wood, grand hardware and top-grade plywood. They also have features such as perfectly aligned drawers and soft-close doors, adjustable door hinges and top-quality joinery.

  • 5.Size and type of countertops to be installed

The most popular option for countertops in most kitchens is natural stone. You may choose to go with marble or granite. There are numerous thicknesses and grades associated with natural stone. The cost varies with:

  • The grain of the stone
  • The color
  • The area covered
  • Thickness
  • The sizes that need to be installed as single pieces
  • The origin of the stone
  • The grain match at the seam area

Did you know that quartz countertops are not made from natural stone? Well, they are exceedingly popular, but they contain ground quartz. The grains are then bonded using synthetic agents.

The price of quartz countertops depends on durability, quality and design of the material. Countertops that cost less consist of a low binding-agent-to-quartz ratio. This makes them less durable and attractive. Nevertheless, the cost of quartz countertops is almost double that of granite tips.

Low end quartz costs more than low-end stone. On the other hand, the price of marble and high-end granite is almost the same as that of high-end quartz.

Imported natural stone

You may not know this, but imported natural stone isn’t that much better than what is available domestically. If you are choosy with the color and grain, you might have to pay more for the natural stone countertops.

  • 6.Trim work

Trim work has a low cost impact. Several components in the kitchen and cabinets require a bit of trim. Trim levels include crown molding, window and door trim, shoe molding, chair rails, and decorative trim around ceilings and walls.

Basic trim work doesn’t cost much. However, if you decide to include more elaborate options, you might find that the cost starts to rise. Additional factors that affect what you will spend include labor, materials and additional design elements.

If the design in your kitchen engages stock elements, the overall exercise won’t have a high impact on the cost of remodeling your kitchen.

On the other hand, you will notice a steep cost impact when you choose to have extensive trim which translates to more trim work. Such projects require custom millwork which isn’t particularly cheap.

All things said and done, trim work is an exceptional way of introducing modern style without digging too much into your pocket or bank account.

  • 7.Appliances in your kitchen

We have a wide array of Appliances for you to choose from. The cost impact of appliances is relatively large. Like other components such as cabinets, the quantity and quality of appliances greatly influence the cost of renovating a kitchen.

The appliance outlook of most kitchens is one freezer or refrigerator, a dishwasher, a wall oven and microwave. Some recently remodeled homes have a large stove, double ovens, trash compactors, hood fans, grill tops, full-size freezers, wine coolers and more.

If you want to install more appliances in your kitchen, the cost of remodeling the space will be higher than if you were to continue using the appliances you were using before.

  • 8.Automation, fixtures and lighting

Lighting doesn’t equate to a major impact on cost. Most kitchens come with overhead and under-cabinet lighting.

The number of lighting sources to be installed isn’t largely variable. Basic under-cabinet lighting and sunken fixtures won’t have a huge impact even if installed in their numbers. The cost of LED lighting depends on whether they are dimmable or not, however the difference in price between dimmable and non-dimmable lights is small.

Costs increase when fixtures are custom-made or designer brands. These include designer fixtures mounted on the ceiling, custom hand-made pendant lights, and automated lighting options such as those that change color depending on temperature conditions.

  • 9.Quality of materials and construction

You need to pay close attention to quality if you want a kitchen that looks stylish, is functional and brings little to no problems after years of use.

The cost largely depends on the numerous decisions that you make as a homeowner. Some may be based on your taste, preference or need. Nevertheless, all decisions must lie within your budget. You don’t want to embark on a kitchen remodeling project that you can’t afford.

The bottom line

We want you to be happy with every decision that you make concerning faucets, sinks, islands, soap dispensers, garbage disposal, water filtration systems and other accessories. All these improvements can be purchased on our one-stop shop.

Consider everything that you would want in a kitchen. Think about how the number of people that may want to use it, your personal needs, designs that you love, how long you want to own that particular hose and the amount that you deem appropriate to invest in a kitchen.

Being aware of such aspects helps you develop a kitchen that you will be happy with as long as you live in your house. It also helps you stay within your budget.

Thank you for taking your time to read this informative piece. We hope that you will visit our store and find what you are looking for. We would love to be your favorite go-to location for excellent products and services.

Happy shopping!

Jun 27th 2021

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